In 1789, Baptist minister Elijah Craig pretty much saved us all when he developed America’s signature spirit – bourbon. Since the first barrel over 230 years ago, it has helped shaped the lives of Bardstown residents who’ve earned their living by distilling America’s native spirit. And the rest of us? It makes our lives much better, too.

Fast-forward to today. You not only have the opportunity to tour Bardstown’s ten distilleries, but bourbon is flowing everywhere but the kitchen faucet. With everything that Bardstown has to offer, bourbon has found its way into every nook and cranny. Not only does this miniature mecca offer entertainment, dining, history, and shopping, but it also offers bourbon entertainment, bourbon-inspired dining, bourbon history, and bourbon shopping. Come add to your bourbon collection today!

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Within 16 miles of downtown Bardstown are eleven unique bourbon distilleries that attract tourists from across the world. In Bardstown, bourbon is a way of life. It is a place where you can sip on a multitude of famous bourbons known around the world and immerse yourself in the culture of bourbon. Every distillery has a story, every bottle has a purpose, and it’s in Bardstown that you get to explore just that.

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Bardstown, Kentucky is the Bourbon Capital of the World®. Bourbon connoisseurs could spend days touring the eleven distilleries in and around Bardstown.  Explore the rich history and taste aged Kentucky bourbon.  Come add to your bourbon collection and explore our historic and unique distilleries today.



Distilleries aren’t the only thing that Bardstown has to offer when it comes to bourbon. Explore all of our bourbon attractions in Bardstown from the Kentucky Bourbon Festival to the Blind Pig Bourbon Market.

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Planning a vacation or weekend trip to Bardstown is made easy with our Official Visitor’s Guide. Want to explore more than just bourbon while you’re here? Plan your itinerary with our guide on food, hotels, historical sights and more.


Come Find Bourbon in Covington, Frankfort, and Bardstown. These three cities form a bourbon hub that will keep you occupied for days! Start your trip in Bardstown, head to Frankfort, and end in Covington, or vice versa. We’ve provided you some itineraries and ideas on how to plan your perfect bourbon trip. Come Find Bourbon!

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With eleven unique distilleries within 16 miles of downtown, there is nowhere else in the world you’d rather be on National Bourbon Day, June 14, each year! Explore our 2020 virtual event, which included exclusive distillery content, cocktail and cooking classes, and more. And plan to join us in person for our 2021 National Bourbon Day Celebration next June!


In January of 2019, Clay Risen, deputy op-ed editor for the New York times, wrote an article and penned a term “Napa-fication” that compared economic investments made in distilling communities to what happened in wine country decades ago.  The book The Rebirth of Bourbon; Building a Tourism Economy in Small-Town USA tells the story of the booming bourbon industry and substantial economic impact that the bourbon industry and bourbon tourism have had on Bardstown.