Throw the Ultimate Bachelor Weekend in Bardstown, Kentucky

Story by G. Clay Whittaker

Grooms-to-Be and Best Men take note: Bourbon is a staple of the modern day bachelor party. And Bardstown, Kentucky is the epicenter of the Bourbon world.

These days, your friends want more out of their bachelor parties than the cliché of a debaucherous, wallet-busting weekend that ends with a week-long hangover. And who can blame them? It’s next to impossible to bond with your crew if you’re trying to do it in between flashing lights and clanging speakers.

The Bunghole Lounge at Bourbon Manor.

Today, even the most adventurous travelers will tell you, the best bachelor parties no longer happen in Las Vegas. So next time you have to plan a trip to celebrate the end of your best friend’s singledom, consider a Bourbon-fueled, bromance-friendly destination like Bardstown.

Bardstown is one of the most beautiful small towns in the country, sure. But more importantly, it’s the Bourbon Capital of the World®, meaning it’s home to some of the best Bourbon and rye distilleries on the planet. And as if that weren’t enough, its bars are saturated with rare bottles and once-in-a-lifetime drams; it hides world-class chefs who are making some of the best food in the South, and its packed with a wide range of activities you can’t find anywhere else. With all this and more, this little Bluegrass gem is actually one of our favorite off-the-radar tourism spots in the country.

And yes, it’s a great place to gather with the people you care about and enjoy those late night chats, bonding moments, and authentic, glitz-free experiences.

That said, Bardstown may not have been on your radar before now. Which is exactly why we spent a week pounding the pavement (and gravel and sidewalk and fairways), making a list of some of the best ways to fill that precious vacation time.

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